1st Attack Helicopter Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, (Mech)


These are some of the snaps I took while serving in actions, in Support of Operation Desert Storm.  Any Veterans of 1-1 AVN, Gunfighters who would like to add their photos to this page can send them via electronic mail to , and I'll post them.


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Iraqi T-72


Hellfires on the Wing

Alpha Company displays a Trophy

Norm Massry at the Port of Dahran Rick Gideonse & Mark McClure at Dahran

LTC Hayles unfurls the Colors

A visit to Kuwait City

Inside the Gunfighter TOC

Accommadations at

the Port of Dahran

We put our Aircraft

back together

Leaving the Port

LZ Roosevelt

Replacing a rheostat after it caught fire during a night mission

This ain't the Air Force, we did our maintenance where we were.

Richard Fields

Mike Slocum drains the tanks after hard landing cracked the interconnect tube

Randy Posthuma climbs in to replace the tube, which we scavenged from a downed aircraft


Eric Fleming

That's a nice POW camp

Hauling Apache parts from F Co. to the front

Nice shot


Pat Bayless &

Eric Fleming

Bivouac Sucks being you
Dan Pike, Dave McDaniel, Craig Rubenstein, and Mike Devine Barry Spady Randy Posthuma found an Owl in his aircraft
Arab love interest Lieutenant Lee struggles to start a fire at Safwan. Eric Fleming on General Carter's 50 cal. (Safwan)

Relaxing at WestPort